Sunday, December 1, 2013

[REL] Ashy Demons. Revival

One of my old races. I re-created it some time ago (a year perhaps lol) and when my former blog was down I totally forgot about it. Thanks to one friend of mine for reminding.

Name: Ashy Demons
Version: 2.0
Author(s): Lucha 
- Oblivion Patch
- MaleBodyReplacer (
- One of these:
       - HG EyeCandy Body (
       - Roberts Female Body(
       - TeamFF Fantasy Figures ( 
Another demonic race.
"Risen from the ashes, made from the dust..."
Basic stats:
Str-40 Str-40
Int-50 Int-50
Will-40 Will-40
Agi-40 Agi-40
Spd-35 Spd-45
End-40 End-30
Luc-50 Luc-50
Pers-25 Pers-25
Skill Bonuses:
Athletics, Destruction, Restoration +10
Blade, Light and Heavy Armor +5
Both for males and females ;) 
Unpack the archive in some folder
Copy the folder "Data" into folder "Oblivion"
Open filemanager and tick beside "L'sAshyDemons.esp"
If you have Robert Female or Fantasy Figure body, pick up the files from corresponding folder and replace the existing ones in Data/Textures/Lucha/Ashy Demons/Head and Body
If you want a tatoo version of the face, do the same thing but don't forget to delete a figure so the texture is called 'Head' 
Remove a tick beside "L'sAshyDemons.esp"
Delete all the files related to the mod 
You can find me on Nexus sites (
You can find me on TES Advantures Forum (;u=1415)
You can send me an e-mail to 
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to RAIAR and Madcat221 for HGEC body.
Thanks to ziher for the body texture.
Thanks to TeamFF for TFF body.
Thanks to Luchaire for UFF hi-rez textures.
Thanks to AlienSlof and Robert for Robert's Female and Robert's Male body and hi-rez textures for them.
Thanks to Kani Hime for eyes colours.
Thanks to Anto ( for his hair styles and for the permission to convert his hairs.
Thanks to Ren for hair-styles.
Thanks to idkrrr for hair-styles.
Thanks to Room207 for hair-sryles.
Thanks to throttlekitty for Head06 Resource.
Thanks to KURESE (NPR) for horns.
Thanks to throttlekitty and jclyde6108 for the eyelashes.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on. 
You can use this mod freely.
You can include parts of the mods and release them for sure, BUT FIRST WRITE TO ORIGINAL AITHORS (SEE CREDITS SECTION) AND ME.
You can not re-upload this mod on any other site WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

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