Monday, December 17, 2012

[WIP/REL] Lucha's Wigs

To beautify your character :)
The mod will be constantly updating.

Wigs available now

Helga 82

Kozaburo Kyoko

Kozaburo Evolution Long

Helga 98


Name: Lucha's Wigs
Version: 1.0
Author(s): Lucha 
- Oblivion Patch 
Animated wigs for your characters! 14 colours! :)
An imperial-seller of wigs is waiting for you in Anvil Castle Courtyard.
NOTE: I will add new wigs one by one to this mod, so it will be updating many times. 
Unpack the archive in some folder
Copy the folder "Data" into folder "Oblivion"
Open filemanager and tick beside "L'Wigs.esp"

Remove a tick beside "L'Wigs.esp"
Delete all the files related to the mod 
You can find me on Nexus sites (
You can find me on TES Advantures Forum (;u=1415)
You can send me an e-mail to 
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion
Thanks to apachii for her help and SkyHair ( and for several other things! Thank you, Goddess!:) 
Thanks to Helga for Helga Sims 2 hairs (unfortunately her site is dead, but we have some downloads here ->
Thanks to Kozaburo for free Poser hairs (
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on 
You can use this mod freely.
You can include parts of the mods and release them for sure, BUT FIRST WRITE TO ORIGINAL AITHORS (SEE CREDITS SECTION) AND ME.
You can not re-upload this mod on any other site WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

Find a link to download here ->


  1. Замечательные парики, как я их раньше не замечала! Спасибо за мод!

    1. Спасибо :) Пользуйтесь на здоровье. Буду пополнять постепенно